Crypto Based Funds Sees Record Inflows Since Mid-December, says CoinShares

Investment flow into crypto funds reached their highest level in three months last week with funds from Europe leading the momentum, according to weekly report by CoinShares.

The jumped underscores the reversal of the recent trend that included two straight weeks of outflows. The reversal came the price of bitcoin rose 14% last week, it biggest weekly gains since last April.

Digital asset investment products saw $193 million in inflows in the seven days through March 25, said CoinShares. Inflows were led by European funds’ $147 million in inflows, with $45 million in inflows coming from American funds.

Among fund providers, CoinShares Physical led with an inflow of $91 million, while Purpose Bitcoin ETF had $16 million in outflows.

Funds focused on Solana saw their biggest single week of inflows at $87 million, making that kind of fund the fifth-largest investment product among crypto funds and the largest altcoin fund not focused Ethereum.

BTC based funds saw inflow of $97.8 million while Ethereum saw inflow of $10.2 million. Multi-asset funds saw inflow of $5.5 million in outflow, which is unusual since these funds were relatively popular.