MOT Skipping Cabinet Meeting, Freezing BTS Green-Line Concession as Stocks Decline

The share price of BTS Group Holdings Public Company Limited (SET: BTS) and other related listed-companies such as VGI Public Company Limited (SET: VGI) traded lower on February 8, 2022, after the Thai cabinet meeting postpone the agenda of extending the concession of the Green-Line Mass Transit Railway due to unsettle matters, including the train fare, ticket types and other regulations. Meanwhile, Saksayam Chidchob, Minister of Transport and six others from Bhumjaithai Party did not attend the meeting due to personal matters, resulting in a postponement.

As of 15:31 local time in Thailand, the share price of BTS dropped 2.13% to THB9.20 per share. Meanwhile, VGI, largely owned by BTS, decreased 7.44% to THB5.60 per share.