US Stocks Trade Higher on Positive Russian-Ukraine Talks, EU Undecided on Cutting Russian Energy

U.S. stocks traded mostly higher on Friday, except for tech stocks, as investors followed the development between Russia and Ukraine after the Russian President Vladimir Putin told local news reporters that there are some positive developments in talks between the Kremlin and Ukraine. He also added that talks between Russia and Ukraine were taking place almost daily.


By 22:56 local time in Thailand on March 11, 2022, Dow Jones rose 0.71% to 33,408.87 points and S&P 500 increased 0.25% to 4,270.24 points. Meanwhile, Nasdaq Composite slipped 0.30% to 13,090.75 points.


In the meantime, France is holding a meeting for EU leaders for Ukraine crisis talks. However, the latest report stated that no resolution has been made to completely shutting Europe off from Russian oil and gas.