Kaohoon’s Top News on March 15, 2022

Headline: Saudi to bring in poultry from Thailand, CPF and GFPT expect to recognize benefit in 2Q

Jurin Laksanawisit, Minister of Commerce of Thailand, has revealed that after the talk with Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA), Riyadh will allow poultry imports from 11 establishments of Thailand, which will take effect immediately. Thailand’s leading poultry exporters, GFPT Plc. (SET: GFPT) and Charoen Pokphand Foods Plc. (SET: CPF), expect to see higher volume in 2Q and 3Q following the green light.


Headline: CHOW completes the disposal of its Japan-based solar power project, earning THB4 billion in revenue

Chow Steel Industrie Plc. (SET: CHOW) announced the completion of the sale of solar power plants in Japan. The sale will be valued at a minimum of THB4.1 billion. Such consideration implies a total enterprise value of the assets at approximately THB 9,699 million.  CHOW’s chief financial officer, Suppachai Yimsuwan, stated that the sale will strengthen the company’s financial position and allow it to continue expanding business in Australia, Japan, and Thailand.


Headline: RS reports a big lot transaction of over 20 million shares

RS Plc. (SET: RS) reported a big lot transaction of 20.87 million shares on 7 March 2022, valued at THB329.48, or THB15.78 per share. Dr.Pongsak Thammathataree and Sura Khanittaweekul, CEO of COM7 Plc. (SET: COM7), are believed to be the ones who conduct the purchase of RS’s shares in order to generate business synergy between them.


Headline: EASTW’s golden era comes to an end, while Vongsayam Korsang rises to fame

The majority of Ratchaphatsadu Land Committees agreed to award Vongsayam Korsang Co., Ltd. the winning bidder for the THB25 billion eastern water pipeline project. The Treasury will notify Eastern Water Resources Development and Management Plc (SET: EASTW) that it should hand over the project to Vongsayam within 60 days. EASTW is projected to have a massive effect, maybe losing 50 percent of its revenue.