EA Surges 5% after a Slow Start, Consensus Sees Dividend Payment to Double in 2022

The share price of Energy Absolute Public Company Limited (SET: EA) surged 4.97% to THB89.75 per share on Thursday after a series of decline this year from its record high of THB105.50 per share in December 2021.

EA underperformed SET Index this year, dropping 6% YTD while SET Index recorded a slight gain of 1.6%. The share price was -8.2% for the three-month period and -5.9% for the one-month period. On the bright side, EA is recovering, gaining 4.5% in the past week. 

The share price has the highest oversold value as of March 16, 2022, among SET100 stocks at 30.67% with a 11% down YTD performance yesterday. 


According to Refinitiv, the revenue consensus for EA in 2022 is estimated at 34,747 million baht, representing an increase of 72% from a revenue of 20,558 million baht in 2021. Net profit is estimated at 8,804 million baht, an increase by 44.33% from 2021, while paying a dividend of THB0.68 per share, which is more than a double from a THB0.30 dividend payment in 2021.