TEAMG Plunges 13% on 2nd Day of XD Date, Dropping Lower THB10 Level

The share price of Team Consulting Engineering and Management Public Company Limited (SET: TEAMG) continued to fall on Friday at a much higher rate than yesterday on the first day of an ex-dividend date.

The share price fell 13.18% in the afternoon session to THB9.55 per share. The lowest of the day was in the morning session when it fell 21.36% to THB8.65 per share. Yesterday, TEAMG fell 5.17% and the day before that by 1.69%.

The pullback came after the Stock Exchange of Thailand on April 22, 2022, halted its trading session, coming out of the Level-3 list of securities which had triggered the Market Surveillance Measures due to its unusual movement in share price, surging more than 280% in a month.

Despite that, the company made several clarifications regarding its sudden surge in share price, saying that there were no significant developments concerning its business.