Kaohoon’s Top News on May 9, 2022

Headline: Keeping an eye on RATCH and BGRIM following Energy Ministry approval of additional power purchase from Lao PDR

Ratch Group Plc (SET: RATCH) and B.Grimm Power Plc (SET: BGRIM) are preparing for a potential share price increase after the Ministry of Energy approved the additional power purchase from the 347-MW Xekong 4A & 4B hydroelectric power projects in Lao PDR. In the meantime, the Energy Ministry is also on the verge of signing a power purchase agreement with Gulf Energy Development Plc (SET: GULF) for the Pakbeng Hydropower in Lao PDR.


Headline: Analysts recommend DIF on its solid dividend yield and long-term return

As inflation is a huge concern for investors today, analysts found several stocks that are generating solid dividends and offering a long-term return amid volatile markets, including Digital Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund (SET: DIF) with its 20-year yield guarantee of over 7% yield. DIF has approved a dividend payout of THB0.26 per share for the 1Q22 period, with an ex-dividend date of May 17.


Headline: HMPRO expects strong growth this year after COVID-19 situation improves

Home Production Center Plc. (SET: HMPRO) anticipates a strong operating performance for the first half of 2022 following its positive results in 1Q22, which saw a growth for both revenue and profit. The company expects sales to grow by 5-7% this year after the COVID-19 situation shows improvement and tourism steadily recovers.


Headline: NBTC conducts a focus group for the amalgamation of TRUE and DTAC

The Office of The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) today (May 9) held a focus group for private, industrial, and general individuals regarding the amalgamation of True Corporation Plc. (SET: TRUE) and Total Access Communication Plc. (SET: DTAC).


Headline: GPSC records a 84% drop in 1Q22 earnings following significant natural gas and coal price increases 

Global Power Synergy Plc. (SET: GPSC) reported a net profit in 1Q22 of THB313 million, decreasing by 84% YoY, due to lower margin in selling electricity to industrial customers following significant natural gas and coal price increases. With a disappointing result of GPSC, analysts therefore forecast that PTT Global Chemical Plc. (SET: PTTGC), IRPC Plc. (SET: IRPC) and PTT Oil and Retail Business Plc. (SET: OR) would report slow earnings, dragging down the profit of PTT Plc. (SET: PTT). In contrast to Thai Oil Plc. (SET: TOP), which recorded a net profit of THB7.7 billion, or an increase of 131% YoY in 1Q22.


Headline: BBL sets up lower ECL and undertakes a feasibility study on the AMC joint venture

The president of Bangkok Bank Plc. (SET: BBL), Chartsiri Sophonpanich, is confident that BBL loans would expand by 4% to 6% this year, and that the company has set up a lower expected credit loss (ECL) reserve of THB26 billion, down from THB34 billion in the previous year. Additionally, Chartsiri disclosed that BBL is now undertaking a feasibility study for the establishment of the AMC joint venture.