Token X Appointed as ICO Portal Provider for Y.S.S.P. Aggregate to Support EEC and Industrial Growth

Token X Co., Ltd., a subsidiary under SCBX Group, is actively providing total digital token solutions, including an initial coin offering (ICO) portal. The company has been appointed as the ICO portal provider for Y.S.S.P. Aggregate Co., Ltd., an operator of water resource development and management for the industrial sector. The partnership will focus on a joint study on investment token feasibility for water management projects for industrial estates to support economic and industrial growth in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) and to explore business growth opportunities through investment innovations that are primarily based on blockchain technology and digital tokens. 


Token X’s Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Jittinun Chatsiharach said, “The initial coin offering (ICO) portal business is a key business driver that will allow SCBX to achieve its mothership strategy of paving the way for the future financial world. As an ICO portal provider, we hope to offer new alternatives for effective fund raising for digital token issuers. Access to fund sourcing is essential for exponential business growth. Businesses are likely to increasingly turn to fund raising via digital tokens in the future because they help unlock the potential of assets with low liquidity that has been restricted by the traditional fundraising approach amid the current economic situation.”   

“We are delighted and honored that Y.S.S.P. Aggregate Co., Ltd. has appointed Token X as the company’s ICO portal provider, and we will jointly study the feasibility of investment token issuance. As the ICO portal provider, Token X is committed to deploying our potential, capability, knowledge, and expertise with digital tokens and our experience in blockchain technology in developing new and effective fundraising approaches for Y.S.S.P. Aggregate to help the company find new growth patterns and investors through a more diverse range of investment alternatives.” Ms. Chatsiharach added. 


Y.S.S.P. Aggregate Chief Executive Officer Mr. Yutthachai Phukhanthasom said, “We have inked the appointment of Token X as the company’s ICO portal provider to study investment tokens to support economic and industrial growth in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). Y.S.S.P. Aggregate is a well-established and strong partnership of stone, soil, and sand mining concession businesses in Chonburi and Rayong. Thanks to our extensive water resource network, we understand water resources in this area very well and have strong water management skills. Our personnel and advisory teams are equipped with experience and expertise in water production and distribution for both the public and private sectors. The company’s shareholding structure includes Thai Polycons PCL, which supports our construction work, and other strategic partners to help strengthen our capital. We are confident in taking an active part in water management to support economic and industrial growth in the EEC following the government’s strategy.”

“As for our partnership with Token X as our ICO portal provider, Token X will help advise on organizing the business structure and review project plans to ensure regulatory compliance with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requirements to boost the company’s business opportunities and growth potential.” Mr. Phukhanthasom added.