TOP to Raise Funds through Capital Increase of 275 Million Shares

Thai Oil Public Company Limited (SET: TOP) announced that the board of directors approved  the allocation of no greater than 275,120,000 newly issued ordinary shares, consisting of (1) allocating no greater than 239,235,000 newly issued ordinary shares for public offering (which includes the issuance and offering for sale of newly issued ordinary shares to the existing shareholders of the Company in proportion to their shareholdings in the amount of no less than 80 percent) and (2) allocating no greater than 35,885,000 newly issued ordinary shares for accommodating the exercise of subscription right of the Over-Allotment Agent (if any).

16 June 2022 will be the Record Date for shareholders who are entitled to allocation rights of newly issued ordinary shares.

The company stated that the offering price of the newly issued ordinary shares, the ratio for share subscription and other relevant details including the subscription period to all shareholders in the next step.