Kaohoon’s Top News on June 7, 2022

Headline: KTB share price gain 5% after successful launch of digital lottery ticket sales via Paotang 

Krung Thai Bank Pcl. (SET: KTB) share price increased by 5 percent at the start of the week following the successful launch of digital lottery ticket sales via the Paotang mobile app. After a total of 5.17 million tickets have been sold, analysts are optimistic about KTB and have assigned the stock a “BUY” rating with a price target of THB18. For every ticket purchased, KTB receives THB10 in transaction fees.


Headline: Eyes on BGRIM and GPSC as FT rate set to increase from September

B.Grimm Power Pcl. (SET: BGRIM) and Global Synergy Power Pcl. (SET: GPSC) are anticipated to experience an upward trend as a result of the Energy Regulatory Commission’s decision to increase the fuel tariff (FT) by THB0.40 from September to December. Analysts predict that BGRIM and GPSC will gain approximately THB1.4 billion and THB1.5 billion, respectively, from the increase in the FT rate.


Headline: HL sees a positive prospect for its 2Q22 performance 

Healthlead Pcl (SET: HL) expects its full-year 2022 sales revenue to increase by at least 10 percent, as the Company plans to open 10 new stores and introduce new products. HL, also, sees a positive prospect for its 2Q22 performance.


Headline: BAFS expects a rise in aviation fuel demand after the country reopens

Bangkok Aviation Fuel Services Pcl. (SET: BAFS) said that its business during the second quarter of this year has seen a positive sign from the country’s reopening, in which boosting a demand for the volume of aviation fuel, meanwhile, its electricity business is also on the rise. BAFS, therefore, expects a profit recovery by 2023.


Headline: OR forms JV to operate airport refueling service system at New Phnom Penh International Airport

PTT Oil and Retail Business Pcl. (SET: OR) invested THB625 million to set up a joint venture company named Phnom Penh Aviation Fuel Service (PPAFS) in bid to develop a new international airport in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, in which OR will hold stakes of 33.33 percent. The objective of this joint venture is to build competitiveness and increase the capability of providing aviation refueling services abroad.