CP Foods and Partners Renew MOU to Improve Fishermen’s Quality of Life

Seven public-private agencies, including Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (SET: CPF), have signed a MoU to continue a second phase of Fishermen Life Enhancement Center (2021-2025) to promote better quality of life for migrant fishermen and their families.

The MoU was signed by representative from seven organizations, consisting of the Fish Marketing Organization; Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives; Department of Labour Protection and Welfare; Family Planning Association of Thailand; Stella Maris Centre Songkhla, G.E.P.P. SA-ARD Co., Ltd, PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited and Charoen Pokphand Foods (CP Foods), to tackle a complex human rights issue in Thailand.

The project’s second phase aims to further enhance equity and human rights protection. Moreover, FLEC will initiate multiple activities to promote food security and eliminate ocean plastic pollution, using self-sufficient economy and circular economy as guidelines respectively.

Ms. Nattaya Petcharat, Project Coordinator at Stella Maris Songkla Center and FLEC’s committee, said the success in the first phase (2015-2020) helped fishing industry in Songkhla, one of the largest port in Thailand, to mitigate IUU problems and improve their families’ well-being, including giving an educational opportunity to children of migrant fishermen and supporting lifelong learning.

“FLEC will use the expertise and networks of the seven partners to ensure good quality of life among fishermen and their families by providing the necessary assistance, advice and support to ensure that everyone are protected and having basic need met in accordance with humanitarian principles and international laws such as UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights,” Ms. Nattaya said, adding that the project also applies circular economy principles to contribute to marine and coastal waste management in the Songkhla port area.


The scopes of collaboration are as follows;
1. The Fish Marketing Organization provides areas for FLEC office to carry out various activities as well as being a classroom for children of migrant workers.

2. Department of Labour Protection and Welfare will provide consultancy and legal advice to fishermen who received unfair treatment as well as coordinate with other government agencies to eliminate human rights abuse.

3. Family Planning Association of Thailand offers consultants on the matter of family planning and household budget management consultants to the fishermen’s families. The association will also provide educational opportunities to the children of migrant workers.

4. Stella Maris Centre Songkhla will provide staff work at FLEC. They will work together with government, NGOs and private sector to raise awareness on labor rights among fishermen.

5. CP Foods will provide fund for supporting FLEC’s activities as well as sharing expertise in nutrition and food surplus management to the fishermen. The efforts aims at ensuring their food security.

6. G.E.P.P. SA-ARD will provide waste data management that will improve the efficiency of ocean plastic collection and recycling project.

7. PTT GC will help support and transfer knowledge of a comprehensive waste management system within the community and develop upcycled products. This will generate extra income for fishermen’s families.