BCPG’s Shareholders Approve THB0.17 Dividend Payment, Looking Toward 35% EBITDA Growth and THB30Bln Debenture Issuance

BCPG’s shareholders approved a THB 0.17 per share dividend payment for 2021 second-half performance, aiming for 25-35% EBITDA growth with debenture issuance of THB 30,000 million.

Niwat Adirek, President and CEO of BCPG Public Company Limited (SET: BCPG), disclosed that, on April 7, 2022, the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) approved 2021 net profit as a legal reserve and the dividend payment for the Company’s second-half performance in 2021 at the rate of THB 0.17 per share. The total dividend payment in 2021, combined with the previous interim dividend payment for the first half of the year at THB 0.16 per share, was THB 0.33 per share or approximately THB 962.02 million. The dividend payment date was scheduled for April 22, 2022.

The AGM also approved the issuance and offering of debenture limit not exceeding THB 30,000 million within five years (2022 – 2026) for future investments, working capital, and loan refinancing, including debt restructuring through the issuance and sale of debentures, domestically and internationally, in THB or other currencies as the Company sees as appropriate in accordance with a business plan and market conditions.

“The approval on debenture issuance has strengthened BCPG’s financial position. Within five years, we plan to scale up both revenue and generation capacity, with an investment fund of THB 95,000 million, from three main businesses, namely, 1) Large green power plants, 2) Smart Energy Solutions, e.g., extensive utility-scale energy storage system, carbon credit platform, and 3) Smart Infrastructure Development, e.g., smart city.

At present, BCPG’s total capacity accounts for 1,108 MW, 345 MW in operation, and 764 MW under development. The underdevelopment green power plants are expected to start COD by 2025”, said Niwat.

Niwat also added that in 2022, BCPG aimed to increase EBITDA growth by 25 – 35% from the previous year due to significant EBITDA recognition from solar power plants in Japan. In addition, the Company intended to expand its green portfolio by investing THB 30,000 – 40,000 million in mergers & acquisitions, both domestically and internationally.