Getting Covid-19 Booster Shot to be Considered Fully Vaccinated

Two shots of Covid-19 vaccines are considered fully vaccinated, but the outbreak of Covid-19 omicron variant and its sub variants proved that two doses of vaccine, whether it be inactivated vaccine or mRNA, are not enough to raise immunity level to the level that could effectively protect against this highly contagious virus.

The Australian authorities have revised guidance from the country’s vaccination advisory group to classify up-to-date vaccinations as including boosters. Australian residents will need to receive booster shots to be considered fully vaccinated against COVID-19

The vaccination mandatory only applies to some frontline workers, however, many private corporations, restaurants and retailers, have made vaccinations a requirement for entry.

Foreign travellers are required only two doses to enter the country. Meanwhile, a vaccination status will be considered “overdue” if the person has not received a booster within six months of their second dose.

As of February 11, 2022, 37.2 % of population in Australia has received a booster shot.