Kaohoon Morning Brief – 30 March 2022

1) Credit Suisse says policy rates will likely be too low after rate hike projects

Credit Suisse stated that stocks keep rallying because the U.S. Federal Reserve is still way behind the curve when it comes to inflation, which allows the economy to run hot.

The firm added that not only is the policy rate currently too low, but it will likely be too low even after the Fed finishes its projected rate hikes.


2) Ruble rises against dollar on positive signs from peace talks

The Russian ruble strengthened against the U.S. dollar as Russia and Ukraine delegates completed a round of peace talks in Turkey. The greenback plunged 10%, down from 95 to 85.13 ruble.

Earlier, Russia announced that it will accept gas price in rubles for those “unfriendly” nations amid energy sanctions from Great Nations, especially western countries, led by the United States of America.


3) Oil prices continue to drop amid positive signs on peace talks

Oil prices continued to drop on Tuesday, following a positive sign from the Russia and Ukraine peace talks after the top Russian negotiator said the talks with Ukraine in the past few days were constructive.

The international benchmark Brent crude fell 2% to close at $110.23 per barrel. The West Texas Intermediate closed at $104.24, dropping 1.62% per barrel last night.