Thai Exports in April Expand 9.9% as Agricultural Products Continue to Grow

Thai exports in April 2022 expanded 9.9% compared to the same period of last year, but lower than the consensus of 14.6% by economists and slower than a 19.5% growth in the previous month. 

Agricultural products continued to grow in April, especially processed goods that grew 22.8% YoY, granulated sugar grew 87.9% YoY, while pet foods expanded for the 32nd month straight by another 24.7% YoY. Canned seafood also grew 8.9% YoY for its third straight month.

Meanwhile, the auto industry recorded 12.20% growth in April for the amount of 60.9 billion baht, but still lower than the previous month of 86.3 billion baht.

In the same period, Thai imports rose 21.5% YoY, resulting in a trade deficit of $1,908 million.