China Evergrande Pledges to Deliver 39,000 Units this Month

China Evergrande Group on Sunday said it is working towards resumption of construction work with its chairman vowing to deliver 39,000 units of properties by the end of this year.

Evergrande is the world’s most indebted property developer with over $300 billion in liabilities. Liquidity crunch has lead to the real estate mogul to struggle in paying banks, bondholder, supplier and continue regular operations.

Evergrande’s chairman Hui Kan Yan stressed during a meeting on Sunday that no one at Evergrande would be allowed to “lie flat” and also urged employees to fight day and night so that sales can be resumed and debts repaid, Evergrande said in a statement as reported by Reuters.

“With the company resuming construction work at full steam, the group plans to deliver 115 projects in December,” Hui said in the statement. “With five days left this month, we must go all out to ensure we meet the goals of delivering 39,000 units this month”.