KWI Attains Outstanding Achievement in 2021 with 167% Growth in Asset Under Management

King Wai Asset Management (Asia) Company Limited (or KWI) is an asset management firm under the spotlight right now, shown through its impressive performance. The company is led by financial professionals: Mr. Antonio Hang Tat Chan, Chairman and CEO, and Mr. Sumetha Lewchalermwong, Managing Director – Investment and Chief Investment Officer.  Adjoined by a team of experts from the top global companies and leading asset management firms, KWI is creating a buzz in the industry with fund potential that drive investors elevated.

KWI is now one of the fasting growing asset management companies in Thailand. By the end of 2021, KWI’s asset under management (AUM) has grown over 167% year-on-year or around 2.7 times, from 5,931 million baht to 15,807 million baht.  Currently, KWI provides mutual fund, private fund and most recently commences its provident fund business in November. The funds under management consist of 8 foreign investment funds (FIFs), 3 Thai equity funds, 3 tax-deductible funds (LTF/RMF/SSF), 1 Money market Fund and 1 Mutual Fund for Provident Fund (MF for PVD) recently launched in late November 2021. KWI continues to focus on creating great performing funds with credibility and efficiency. KWI is reliable for investors in managing their assets.

Mr. Antonio Hang Tat Chan, Chairman and CEO said, “KWI inspires our clients with professional alternative insights; empower with functional tools; offer access to new investment trends while controlling risks. KWI is a platform that prioritizing quality over quantity. By doing what we do, we want to raise awareness of the concept of “capital deployment and asset management”. Preaching how, with the right mindset, make capital work for our clients in the medium and long run. Our Company’s motto is: “Responsibilities create values; mission inspires people.” We create values by being responsible to our clients and our society. In 2021, KWI had a good growth in AUM with the support and trust of our clients. We will continue to grow KWI with our professional team and mindset. There will be many more milestones to be achieved.”

KWI mutual funds continue to deliver outstanding performance. KWI Foreign Investment Funds and KWI Retirement Mutual Funds (RMF) have performed well and ranked in the 1st quartile consistently, for instance, KWI ASIAN SM, KWI EE EURO, KWI USBANK, KWI HCARE, KWI INDIA, KWI ASM RMF and KWI FLEX RMF. Looking at 2021 performance, KWI has 5 out of 8 foreign investment funds (FIFs) ranked in the 1st quartile (based on Morningstar as of December 30th, 2021).

KWI gained approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to expand into the provident funds (PVD). KWI currently offers the Master Pooled Fund platform and established the KWI Master Pooled Registered Provident Fund (KWI Master Pooled Fund) mainly investing through various types of mutual fund such as fixed income fund, Thai equity fund, foreign investment fund and alternative fund, which supports the clients’ investment objective and risk appetite.  Beyond this, KWI also launched “KWI Fixed Income Fund for Provident Fund (KWI FIPVD)” to provide additional investment options for clients.


Mr. Sumetha Lewchalermwong, Managing Director – Investment and Chief Investment Officer added on the market and investment outlook, “Currently, global market is rapidly recovering from the pandemic. Along with the recovery, the world is also facing many major changes.  We see the interesting trends of several industries like consumer, tourism, technology such as Metaverse, AI, Robotics, Digital (NFT) asset, Fintech, Health Tech.  Another major area to focus on is ESG and sustainable investing, such as EV, Renewable Energy, Smart mobility, and Smart solution.  As we see the opportunity, we believe this is the great time for investing ahead.


About – King Wai Asset Management (Asia) Company Limited (KWI):

King Wai Asset Management (Asia) Company Limited (KWI) is a subsidiary of KWI Public Company Limited. It is 1 of 26 asset management companies that has been licensed to manage mutual funds and private funds from the Ministry of Finance and is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The company officially started its operation in Thailand on May 10, 2007.

KWI provides investment services that can meet all investor objectives, whether individual investors or institutional investors, by offering a variety of investment styles through mutual fund, private fund and provident fund. The mutual funds under management consist of Foreign Investment Fund (FIF), Thai Equity Fund, Mutual funds that offer tax-deductible rights (LTF/RMF/SSF), Money Market Fund and Mutual Fund for Provident Fund. The firm is creating quality funds with the trustworthy investment decision-making process and efficient investment to build investors greatest certitude.