Kaohoon’s Top News on April 7, 2022

Headline: Foreign net buy tops THB110 billion, the highest amount in ASEAN

Foreign investor net buy of Thai stocks totaled THB110 billion in the first three months of 2022, the highest amount in ASEAN, boosting the index to a 2.3 percent gain in the first quarter. This was due to the stability of Thai stocks following the country’s reopening. Meanwhile, the Investment Analysts Association (IAA) advises traders to increase weight on retail, banking, tourism, and telecommunications stocks, anticipating the index would end the year at 1,747. Top picks are BDMS, KBANK and MAKRO.


Headline: NT’s board vote not to sell shares in DTAC

The Board of Directors of National Telecom Plc. (NT) voted not to sell shares in Total Access Communication Plc. (SET: DTAC) after concluding that there are no strong reasons to sell the shares and that cash flow is healthy. NT stated that it will closely monitor the DTAC and True Corporation Plc. (SET: TRUE) amalgamation.


Headline: JDF to debut on SET today, analysts set a target price at THB3.47-4.20 per share

All eyes are on JD Food Plc. (SET: JDF) on its debut trading on the Stock Exchange of Thailand.  Analysts anticipate that the share price will rise above its initial public offering price, citing JDF’s strong fundamentals and setting a target price of THB3.47-4.20 per share. Net profit is forecast to reach THB95 million in 2022, an increase of 98 percent year on year.


Headline: THCOM enters Indonesia’s high-speed broadband internet market

Thaicom Plc. (SET: THCOM) has partnered with SpaceBridge and WTD Indonesia to provide high-speed broadband internet connectivity to enterprises and the government in Indonesia.


Headline: Analysts present top 11 big-cap stocks for investing

Analysts presented a list of 11 big-cap stocks, including KEX, RS, VGI, KTC, OR, PTTGC, CPF, STEC, AEONTS, CBG, and MAJOR, that could boost the SET Index since they are still underperforming the market despite the continued economic recovery and have a discount of more than 14.2 percent.


Headline: EA and NEX are on the rise, with over 3,000 EV buses already ordered

Energy Absolute Plc. (SET: EA) and Nex Point Plc. (SET: NEX) are on track to deliver EV buses following the acquisition of Smart Bus Co., Ltd., while Beyond Securities Plc. (SET: BYD) won the auction and received certificates for 71 bus lines, resulting in orders for over 3,155 electric buses to be delivered between 2023 and 2024. Analysts forecast EA’s profits to exceed THB10 billion this year, proposing a “BUY” rating and a target price of THB122.00.