Ukraine Update: EU Puts Embargo on Russia Coal; UN Votes to Suspend Russia from Rights Panel

European Union banned Russian coal as part of a first energy hit targeting Moscow’s crucial energy revenue. Meanwhile, Japan is also considering to curb coal imports from Russia underscoring a major shift of policy from one of the world’s biggest energy importers.

The EU’s ban on Russian coal will become fully effective from mid-August, as reported by Reuters citing sources in the EU.

European Council chief Charles Michel backed a proposal to release an additional 500 million euros to provide arms for Ukraine, taking the total to 1.5 billion euros, Agence France-Presse reported

Japan’s Trade Minister Koichi Hagiuda said Friday, it “will aim to stop importing coal from Russia” as a long term goal and will use energy conservation, other power generation and alternative country supply to reduce its dependency on Russia.

In a separate occasion U.S. official warned the war in Ukraine may last for weeks or even years after Kyiv’s foreign minister pleaded fro urgent military assistance.

The United Nations General Assembly voted to suspend Russia from the Human Rights Council, with 93 nations backing the measure and 24 opposing it. There were 58 abstentions.