Key Chinese Port City Sees More COVID Curbs

Beijing and Tianjin continue to additional Covid restrictions as cases climb, while reopening in Shanghai looks to be taking place in fits and starts, with most people still unable to move about freely.

The emergence of the highly contagious omicron variant has spurred increasingly stringent pandemic curbs in China since March, in some cases snap lockdowns that carried heavy costs for the local population and economy. The pattern of transmission and restrictions across the country could offer insight into what regions may be vulnerable to disruption in the days ahead.

Nationwide, overall cases are trending down. Of China’s top 50 cities by economic size, only Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai currently have widespread restrictions in place.

In Beijing, daily cases reached a record for the current outbreak of 99 for Sunday. Some bus routes and subway stations are suspended, delivery drivers have been banned from entering residential compounds, and an entire housing complex of 5,000 people were quarantined after 26 cases were found

In the northern city of Tianjin, more compounds and suburbs are being locked down, but operations of the Binhai port have not yet been affected