Japan to Further Ease Border Controls, Scrapping Pre-Entry Test for Vaccinated Travelers

Japan will soon further relax border control restrictions, bringing its Covid control policy in line with that of other major economies,  Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced Wednesday.

Starting September 7th, Japan will raise the daily quota of arrivals from the existing 20,000 and exempt those who have taken three doses of a COVID-19 vaccine from having to be tested before entering the country.

Border controls in Japan, which have been criticized both at home and abroad, have been loosened gradually under Kishida’s watch in an effort to bring them in line with those of other Group of Seven nations.

“We will continue relaxing these measures gradually,” Kishida said.

The government has also revised its travel warning for 55 countries and regions including Indonesia and the Philippines, to “stay fully alert,” and is no longer requesting Japanese citizens to avoid non-essential travel to those destinations.