Guangzhou Residents March on Streets in Frustration of China’s Covid Restrictions

Residents of Guangzhou’s Haizhu district smashed authorities’ Covid barriers and marched down streets in an attempt to express their frustration with Covid restrictions that have been extended and reimposed nonstop. 

Many people were charging down streets and arguing with white hazmat-suit-clad workers late Monday night.

In the capital Beijing, a high of 462 new infections was reported, up from 407 the day before. Meanwhile, major cities such as Zhengzhou and Chongqing were the hardest hit by Covid infections.

The COVID-19 infections, which were reported by authorities on Tuesday, were in the amount of 17,772, an increase from the previous day on November 14 in the amount of 16,072.

China still used the zero-COVID policy to limit the damage nearly three years into the pandemic, and in October its retail sales fell and factory output grew more slowly than expected.