Covid Cases in China Hit Another Record High amid City-Wide Protests against Zero-Covid Policy

COVID-19 infections in China reported a daily record of new local cases of 40,052, up from 39,506 from a day earlier. China has been strict with Xi Jinping’s zero-COVID policy.

On Sunday, demonstrators and police fighted in Shanghai, because of the protests across the country over the restrictive COVID policy.

The protests worried about the management of policy and its impact on the economy. The stocks and oil price slid sharply on Monday. 

The crowd including Wuhan and Lanzhou cities took to the street during the weekend to overturn Covid testing facilities. 

The gathering of students on campuses across China came after the fire incident in one of the apartments in Urumqi last week that killed 10 people. Protesters said that the Covid curb on the city, which had been under lockdown for 100 days, had hindered escape routes and rescue. 

There were also large crowds in Beijing’s third Ring Road on Sunday to protest against Covid policy as well.