China Sets to Relax Covid Restrictions in Coming Days

In the coming days, China is set to announce an easing of Covid-19 quarantine protocols on the severity of Covid-19 restrictions despite its daily case toll hovers near record highs.

Several cities still reported new infections, breaking authorities practice by lifting district lockdown and reopening the businesses.

The health authorities announced the relaxation did not refer to the protests that show the biggest of civil disobedience, ranging from candle-lit vigils in Beijing, and fights with police on the streets in Guangzhou.

The disarray is one of the biggest rallies against Xi Jinping since he took power as leader in 2012. His coming to the third term is at the pivotal point of the economy setting a new era for slower growth in more than decades.

Sun Chunlan, a Vice premier, has supported further policies of testing, treatment and quarantine, also said the ability of viruses to cause disease was weakened.