Wugang City in China Enters 3-Day Lockdown, Sparking Fears of More Restrictions

Wugang City in Hunan Province, China, has entered a three-day lockdown after a report of one abnormal case was detected in a nucleic acid test on July 10. The city has less than one million population and is around 210 km. from a major city like Guilin.

The main concern is not about Wugang entering lockdown, but the possibility of further lockdown if the virus is found in major cities, seeing how fast the authorities act after finding several cases as the country is trying to pursue its zero-Covid policy.

The lockdown of Shanghai in April and May had taken a huge toll on the Chinese economy as well as international corporations that have production plants in the city.


As of 10:25 BKK time, Nikkei dropped 1.68%, SSEC fell 0.60% and Hang Seng Index decreased 1.29%. Meanwhile, IDX Composite rose 0.015% and ASX 200 gained 0.31%.

Thailand’s SET Index was down 4.67 points or 0.30% to 1,552.73 points.