Heathrow Warns Traffic Not Returning to Pre-Covid Level for Several Years

Heathrow Airport, the biggest airport in Britain, announced on Wednesday (October 26) that in nine months, the airport’s loss had increased to 442 million pounds, and warned that it would unlikely be able to return to pre-pandemic demand for several years.

In the previous two years, the airport recorded a loss of 4 billion pounds as regulated income failed to cover costs.

“Headwinds of a global economic crisis, war in Ukraine and the impact of COVID-19 mean we are unlikely to return to pre-pandemic demand for a number of years, except at peak times,” the airport said in a statement.

Heathrow Airport forecasts the total number of passengers for 2022 to reach between 60-62 million, or 25% fewer than the level recorded in 2019.

Heathrow warned earlier this month that the deteriorating economic outlook, a new wave of COVID-19, and the escalating situation in the war between Russia and Ukraine have all contributed to a possible slowdown in travel demand this winter.