Chinese Government Ramps Up Covid Protection ahead of Lunar Holiday

The Chinese government is ramping up its plan to protect rural communities from contracting Covid-19 virus as millions of city-dwellers plan their Lunar holiday trips next year, following the easing of Covid control and travel measures last week.

According to the “worldometer,” China reported a new symptom of 2,286 cases on December 17, compared to the previous day of 2,157 cases.

Prompt action by Beijing in easing restrictions met with dramatic reversal as some show concern that China is still unprepared for the new wave of infections as its citizens plan to return to their hometowns during the Lunar New Year holiday starting in January 2022 after three years of containment and limited movement since the pandemic control started in 2020.

On Friday, China’s National Health Commission said it was increasing vaccination sharply and building stock of essential drugs, test kits and ventilators in rural areas.

International border of mainland China largely remains shut, but the recent decision to lift travel tracking apps and allow its citizens to travel domestically without requiring pre-testing.

Meanwhile, cities in the country of 1.4 billion people also opened new vaccination sites to support the public to take booster shots.