Japan Requires All Visitors from China to Take Covid Test from Jan 8

The Japanese government announced Wednesday that beginning January 8, travelers from China will be required to test negative before leaving for Japan and will be subjected to a PCR test upon arrival in order to prevent a rapid surge in Covid infections in the country.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida stated that, in response to a sharp increase in new coronavirus cases in China, Japan will strengthen measures at its borders to restrict entry to neighboring country, as part of its effort to prevent the spreading of Covid-19, which would place further strain on its medical system or lead to new variants.

According to Kishida, Japan will continue to request that airlines not increase the frequency of direct flights from mainland China.

Late in December, Kishida’s government introduced temporary restrictions on travelers from China to curb the spread of the disease. Those arriving from mainland China or within seven days would need to undergo a Covid screening test upon arrival.