China Welcomes Roughly 250,000 Arrivals on Its First Day of Reopening

China welcomed over 250,000 arrivals on its first day of reopening (Jan 8), the official Xinhua News agency reported on Tuesday.

According to customs data cited by Xinhua, 251,045 inbound passenger trips were recorded on Sunday. This compared to a daily average of about 945,300 arrivals in the first quarter of 2019, according to National Immigration Administration data.

On Sunday, China accepted 325 inbound planes and 396 incoming ships, according to Xinhua, citing the customs office; for the first three months of 2019, the average number of incoming flights and ships per day was 2,900 and 1,400, respectively.

Covid Zero was officially over on Sunday, as China reopened to the world after a three-year isolation. 

International seat capacity to and from China in January increased by 9.5% over the past week as airlines ramped up flights following China’s Reopening, however flights are still far lower than they were before the outbreak, said aviation data supplier Cirium on Monday.

Data by Cirium showed that airlines operated only 11% of pre-pandemic capacity in January.