China’s Trade with Russia Hits Recorh High of $190 Billion in 2022

China’s trade with Russia in 2022 ramped up to hit the record $190 billion, although Russia’s imports were sanctioned by the European Union in response to the invasion of Ukraine, the government said on Friday.

Lyu Daliang, spokesperson of the General Administration of Customs, said the import from and export to Russia in 2022 calculated for 3% of total trade.

China sees its exports to Russia grew for sixth consecutive months. 


Russia increased rail exports of liquefied petroleum gas to China in 2022 by more than double.

Gazprom, the biggest producer company in Russia, said that China also imported natural gas from Russia by the Siberia Pipeline, which was set to increase at least 50% in 2022; and imported crude oil, which expanded 10% in the first 11 months of the year at about 20 million tons.


In December, China’s trade with Russia slowed rapidly in dollar terms, with exports  increased 8.3% YoY and down from 17.9% gain in November.

Meanwhile, imports from Russia increased 8.3%, but slowed from 28.5% gain in November as high levels of Covid-19 infected from China suddenly ending the restrictions, affecting domestic demand.

But with the demolition of Beijing’s zero-COVID policy, China and Russia are ready to come back and travel together soon, with their deep strategies of cooperation, Zhang Hanhui, China’s ambassador to Russia, said.