PM Srettha Reaffirms Strength in Thai Capital Market with Solid Fundamentals

Mr. Srettha Thavisin, Prime Minister of Thailand, stated that Thai stock markets are in a strong position, being at number 27 of the world in market capitalization and number 3 of ASIAN, with the accumulated IPO stock value holding at the top of ASIAN.

The Thai PM suggested three methods to strengthen the markets, while the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) revealed its strategy for 2024-2026, emphasizing on the build of credibility and being the key pinpoint to serve the country’s stability.

Mr. Srettha Thavisin, Prime Minister of Thailand and Minister of Finance, revealed at the SEC 2024 seminar on the topic of “Policies and Directions to Strengthen Thai Stock Markets” that since the government emphasized the importance of the stock markets, it was a great opportunity to encourage the country to strengthen Thai stock markets, drawing the potential and efficiency of the stock market system to the maximum by leading stronger and sustainable development and the drive of Thai economy.

In the past, Thai stock markets had confronted short-term challenges, both the volatility of situations around the globe and challenges about trust from domestic investors. That led to a great slump in the SET Index. However, Thai stock markets were strong in the long-term and had high flexibility, considering the fundamental factors in the market, such as the market value at number 27 of the world (from 84 countries) and number 3 of ASIAN market, with the accumulated IPO stock value holding at the top of ASIAN and liquidity since 2012.

In addition to these strong points, the government also recognized the development opportunity to cope with changing economic trends. Both digital and sustainability emerged as the twin transition to all of the economic capital market system and livelihood of the people, as well as emphasizing the change for the country to the digital and sustain economy or ESG economy.