Carrefour Ceases to Stocking Pepsi and Other Overpriced Products

Carrefour in four European countries will stop selling products, such as Pepsi, Lay’s crisps, and 7up as the store told customers that it cannot put up with the overwhelming rise in prices of the products anymore.

A spokesperson of Carrefour stated on Thursday that products from PepsiCo in France, Italy, Spain, and Belgium will be attached by signs, telling customers that the store will no longer stock products from the brands anymore, saying that their rise in prices were unacceptable.

Carrefour had around 14,348 stores around the world, while the move to prohibit the aforementioned products in four European countries will affect about 9,000 stores or two-thirds of the total number of stores.

Meanwhile, this similar action had also been done by grocery retailers in several countries, including Germany and Belgium, by halting orders from consumer goods firms.

According to Reuters’ report, the move was not a surprise to customers, as they agreed that the products were way overpriced.

PepsiCo, though, stated that the company had been discussing with Carrefour for many months, and will continue to make sure that its products are staying on the shelves.