China Shows Trade Concerns to the US during the Meeting in Beijing

On Tuesday, the Chinese finance ministry stated that, during the meeting between the US Treasury officials and China’s financial officials in Beijing, the authorities of the host country showed some concerns regarding the tariffs, investment restrictions, and sanctions set up by the US to restrain Chinese companies.

Both countries had constructively exchanged perspectives on their macroeconomic situation and policy, the debts of developing countries, as well as other issues, while jointly concurring to maintain the communications in the future.

Meanwhile, according to the data from China’s official Xinhua news agency, as reported by CNBC, there was also a separate meeting between China’s vice premier, He Lifeng, and US Treasury Undersecretary for International Affairs, Jay Shambaugh.

The talks emphasized the tightness in trade between the US and China, as China’s vice premier urged the two countries to profoundly cooperate and communicate in order to establish a stable economic relationship between the world’s two largest economies.