Kaohoon’s Top News on November 3, 2021

– SCB invested 18 billion baht to take 51% stake in Thailand’s leading digital asset exchange “Bitkub”. For the period of Jan – Sep 2021, Bitkub reported a total revenue of 3,279 million baht and net profit of 1,533 million baht. The investment in Bitkub is based on the recognition of significant growth opportunities in the digital asset business and will enable SCB as a major shareholder to further develop the digital asset ecosystem in Thailand.

JP gained 47% on its first trading day. JP will continue to pursue its strategic goal of developing new product lines under its own brand in order to maximize profit, as well as ramping up production capacity to support OEM expansion in Thailand and abroad.

Investors yesterday (November 2) dumped six stocks as a result of the new cash balance rule: CRD, BIG, PPS, HPT, SVT, and WIN. The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) will hold a public hearing on November 1-12 to discuss revising the market surveillance criteria for levels 1, 2, and 3.

– ATP30 signed two new contracts with PTTGC and GPSC, and renewed one with an existing client, totaling 160 million baht, bringing the company’s backlog to 1,260 million baht. ATP30 emphasized the importance of targeting high-potential customers in order to generate consistent revenue, confirming that revenue will increase by 20% this year.

– BANPU successfully acquired a 100% stake in the Temple 1 gas-fired power plant in the United States, which has a capacity of 768MW, for a purchase consideration of 14,298 million baht. Revenue recognition for this power plant will begin on November 1, 2021. This acquisition is a significant milestone in the development of natural gas and energy businesses in the United States.

– LPH anticipated that its 3Q21 earnings would set a new record due to an increase in COVID-19 and Social Security Scheme patients. On November 10, the company plans to release its consolidated financial statements. Revenue from the Moderna vaccine is expected to be realized in this quarter (4Q21). Analysts forecast a 71% growth in profit for the full year.