Kaohoon’s Top News on November 30, 2021

Concerns over the omicron variety led funds to sell half of their portfolio. Analysts anticipate a technical rebound in the SET Index, with resistance located between 1,600 and 1,620. CPALL, GLOBAL, SCC, OR, and TOP are the most oversold stocks.

– NRF expects record quarterly earnings in 4Q21, as well as full-year results, while sales is expected to expand 45-55% next year due to increased demand and profit recognition from the amalgamation. Additionally, NRF plans to bring GTH on the Thai Stock Exchange in the next three years, with the goal of expanding its HEMP HOUSE retail chain to 1,000 branches.

– ACE has successfully achieved Commercial Operation Date (COD) for its 9.9MW VSPP Biomass Power Plant located in Khlong Khlung District, Kamphaeng Phet Province. Profit recognition is predicted to begin in 4Q21, with annual revenue of approximately THB310 million.

– BANPU and BPP have announced the Commercial Operation Date (COD) for the 20MW Project Kessennuma Solar Power Plant in Japan. BANPU stated that it will continue to seek investment opportunities to meet the Energy generating business’s development target of 6,100 MW in 2025 by focusing on markets with attractive growth prospects and supportive government policies, such as the Asia-Pacific region.

– ANAN revealed that it has received an overwhelming response to the subscription of newly issued shares through the Right Offering totaling THB1,700 million, demonstrating investors’ confidence in the company’s fundamentals and sustainable growth potential. Meanwhile, PF expects to earn THB16,050 million in revenue next year, with plans to open fifteen new projects worth THB25,710 million. Additionally, NOBLE aims to launch eighteen projects for THB47,400 million, bringing the company’s profit to THB16,506 million in 2022.