KTB Successfully Completes Capital Increase in “Arise by Infinitas”

Following Krungthai Bank Public Company Limited (KTB)‘s announcement regarding the capital increase at Arise by Infinitas, TISCO Securities stated that since Infinitas is the subsidiary that oversees the bank’s digital business, such as the Paotang project, KTB probably would explore about monetizing its digital resources, especially ones that arising from the government’s projects.

Recently, KTB management said this area is one thing the bank would like to explore such as using data from the projects to analyze lending opportunities. With the expertise of Accenture Solution (ACN), a 49% stakeholder in Arise by Infinitas, the prospect should be more favorable than if KTB was to go it alone.

TISCO noted that, technically speaking, bank-only KTB holds only 76% of KTB Advisory (KTBA). And KTBA owns 100% of Infinitas. Another 24% of KTBA is held by KTC. Therefore, if this company is financially successful, it will be reflected on KTC’s financial performance too.  

On November 18, 2021, KTB announced that its subsidiary company and a subsidiary of the bank’s financial business group, Infinitas By Krungthai Co., Ltd., had entered into a joint venture agreement with Accenture Solutions Co., Ltd. (ACN) and Incorporated Arise by Infinitas Co., Ltd., to provide personnel and information technology (IT) resource services, with the registered capital of THB10,000. Infinitas owns 51% of the company, while ACN owns 49%.

As of December 7, 2021, KTB had completed the capital increase in Arise to THB300,000,000, while the shareholding proportions of Infinitas and ACN remain the same.