Kaohoon’s Top News on December 20, 2021

B.Grimm Power (SET: BGRIM) has invested THB58 billion in a joint venture to develop an LNG-to-power project in Vietnam, which would generate up to 3,600 MW of electricity. BGRIM is hopeful that the Vietnamese government would include the LNG-to-power project in the country’s Power Development Planning VIII, which is expected to be finalized in 2022.

The Federation of Thai Capital Market Organizations is deeply opposed to imposing a financial transaction tax, arguing that it will discourage both domestic and foreign investors from investing in Thailand’s stock market. Similarly to the Thai stock market’s president, Pakorn Peetathawatchai, who warned on Friday that the Stock Exchange of Thailand’s daily turnover of approximately THB90 billion will fall if the government enforces a tax on securities trades.

Krung Thai Asset Management, or KTAM, has partnered with Krung Thai Bank (SET: KTB) to offer fund purchases through the PaoTang app, which has grown to over 33 million users. Additionally, KTAM demonstrated its most recent investment portfolio, which has expanded by 10% from the end of 2020, despite the economic crisis, as investors flood into Chinese funds and ESG.

Four waste-to-energy plant stocks; ETC, ACE, TPCH and TPIPP rallied on Friday in response to the new Power Development Planning. Analysts estimate that ACE, TPCH, and TPIPP are the most likely beneficiaries of the increase in the FiT for WTE projects, while ETC is the Top Pick.

Gunkul Engineering (SET: GUNKUL) joined forces with Jay Mart (SET: JMART) and Singer Thailand (SET: SINGER) to establish a joint venture company within the first quarter of 2022 for the purpose of distributing electrical equipment and solar solutions, as well as developing distribution channels for hemp products and investing in solar rooftop and EV charging station installation.

AWC, TIDLOR and BANPU will be listed in the SET50 Index, while BJC, DELTA and STA will be removed, starting January 1, 2022. Meanwhile, ten equities, including AWC, BLA, BPP, EPG, KEX, RCL, SIRI, STARK, TIDLOR, and TTA, will be included in the SET100 Index. DELTA, BJC, PSL, JAS, PTL, PRM, ICHI, AAV, NRF, and TKN, on the other hand, face exclusion from the index from January to June 2022.