Asia to See Relatively Better Economic Recovery than Other Emerging Markets, says Moody’s

Emerging markets will face challenges in managing their economic recovery, but Asia is likely to fare better than other regions, according to Moody’s Investor Service.

“The pandemic was tougher on emerging Asia markets than it was on advanced economies, the recession was tougher in emerging markets than it was on advanced economies,” Atsi Sheth, managing director of credit service and research at Moody’s, as reported by CNBC.

She added amid low vaccination rate and start of omicron spreading globally, demand is not get to pre-pandemic levels for many emerging markets. Further she noted global policymakers are tightening monetary policies.

“So yes, managing the recovery is going to be really tough for emerging markets, but there’s going to be a lot of variation,” she noted. “For instance, in Asia, you’re actually seeing the region doing relatively better than some other regions.”