Asian Markets Slipped as Concerns of Surge in Omicron Cases Loomed Over

Asian markets pushed down on Wednesday as concerns about surging omicron cases in the region loomed over ahead of holiday season.

The KOSPI, TOPIX, CSI300 and HSI closed down by 0.89%, 0.30%, 1.46% and 0.83% respectively. The SET closed moderately in the positive up by 0.72%.

The MSCI Asian broad market index excluding Japan closed slightly up in the positive by 0.44%,

U.S. futures S&P500 and Nasdaq are up moderately by 0.24% and 0.41%.

Crude oil futures, WTI inched down on Wednesday by 0.07% at $75.94 after inventories fell short while Brent is up by 0.08% to $79.00.