Kaohoon’s Top News on January 24, 2022

Headline: RS is reportedly in talks to acquire Unilever

RS (SET: RS) is reportedly in talks to acquire Unilever’s omni channel for THB900 million. Mr. Surachai Chetchotisak, RS Group’s CEO, is set to announce the company’s 2022 business plan today. Analysts forecast RS to earn a net profit of THB680 million this year, a 158% rise, as the COVID-19 situation improves and the company recognizes a profit share from its joint venture companies, recommending “BUY” with a target price of THB20.75.


Headline: NUSA announces an intention to acquire the notorious “WEH”

Nusasiri (SET: NUSA) announced an increase in registered capital by offering newly issued ordinary shares worth 32% in exchange for Wind Energy (WEH) shares. NUSA’s executive team stated that this transaction will produce recurring revenue for the company, as WEH generates annual profits of THB5,000 million, and that the company is confident that its profitability will improve this year following business restructuring.


Headline: Analysts recommend 6 safe-haven stocks ahead of Fed’s meeting

Analysts urge traders to closely monitor the Federal Reserve’s meeting on January 25-26; if there are no surprises, the Thai stock market may rebound. Recommend safe-haven stocks in the real estate, construction, and consumer sectors, as well as the country’s reopening plays, including SCC, KBANK, KSL, TVO, IVL, and MINT.


Headline: MINT to deliver a healthy financial position in 2022

Minor International (SET: MINT) is expected to maintain a healthy financial position in 2022, with EBITDA expected to be higher than last year. The resumption of the Test and Go program would draw tourists to Thailand during the high season (February – March), increasing occupancy rates after the company reopened more than 90% of its hotel operations. In October 2021, hotel occupancy rates in Europe reached 60%, while in December 2021, they reached 35-36% in Thailand.


Headline: Thai banks report a combined profit of THB180 billion in 2021 on lower ECLs 

Ten Thai banks reported a combined profit of THB42 billion in 4Q21, up 35%, bringing full-2021 earnings to THB180 billion, up 32.3%, on the back of lower expected credit losses and increased fee revenue.