Kaohoon’s Top News on February 11, 2022

Headline: INTUCH reports THB10 billion in earnings for 2021, with a higher-than-expected THB1.60 dividend payment

Intouch Holdings (SET: INTUCH) will pay a dividend from the second half of 2021 operating results at the rate of THB1.60 per share. The Ex-dividend date (XD) is set for 23 February 2022. The payment will be made on 21 April 2022. This was due to a THB10,748 million net profit in 2021, down 3% from 2020, as a result of lower contributions from Advanced Info Service Plc. (SET: ADVANC) and Thaicom Plc (SET: THCOM).


Headline: RS anticipates that ULife will grow earnings by 10% this year.

RS (SET: RS) stated that the acquisition of Unilever’s direct sales division ULife will generate approximately THB900-1,000 million in profits beginning in May and will add 10% to the company’s earnings this year. RS anticipates that its Entertainmerce model and Popcoin will bring added value to ULife across all dimensions and increase sales.


Headline: PEACE makes a successful debut on SET with a 41% gain in share price

Peace & Living Plc., or PEACE, made a successful debut on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on Thursday, as the share price gained 41% from its IPO price to close at THB5.60. PEACE CEO Prasobsak Sirisopana expects revenue to double over the next three years, while analysts forecast 40% annual growth in 2021-2022.


Headline: SET shrugs off the US’s inflation as profit-taking continues 

The SET Index is expected to continue its bullish trend on Friday following the release of the United States’ January inflation rate last night. Analysts expect profit-taking prior to a pullback and continued fund inflows throughout 2023, as the economy continues to improve. Analysts recommend banking plays such as KBANK, BBL and SCB, retail plays such as CPALL and MAKRO, and hospital plays such as BH.


Headline: JMART plans to list Jaydee Group on SET by 2024

Jay Mart (SET: JMART)’s subsidiary Jaydee Group entered the retail market by serving as a central selling point for electric appliance dealers around the country. JMART anticipates that its subsidiary will generate approximately THB1,000 million in revenue and THB50 million in profit, with the goal of listing on SET by 2024.


Headline: The Treasury Department expects a green light for results of eastern water pipeline management project’s bidding

The Treasury Department expects that the board meeting on Friday will approve the bidding results for the eastern water pipeline management project after Vongsayam Korsang outbid EASTW with a higher return proposal of more than THB25,693 million over a 30-year term.