XPG Reported Earnings of THB 88 Million in Fiscal Year 2021

XSpring Capital Pcl. (SET: XPG) has announced its 2021 consolidated financial statement through the Stock Exchange of Thailand as follows;

Yearly 2021 2020
Net Profit (Loss)
Thousand Baht



Earning Per Share THB




XPG reported net profit for the year 2021 of Baht 88.12 million comparing with the last year which had net loss of Baht 16.62 million, increasing by Baht 104.74 million.

Total revenue was Baht 150.60 million, increased by Baht 78.68 million or 109%, mainly due to fee and service income of Baht 67.63 million, increasing by Baht 37.65 million, interest income of Baht 23.25 million, increasing by Baht 21.14 million mainly from interest income of bill of exchanges and business operation of subsidiaries and gain from investment of Baht 51.03 million, increasing by Baht 36.09 million mainly from gain on investment in private fund.

Total expenses was Baht 265.35 million, increasing by Baht 119.35 million or 82%.

The Company recognized share of profit from associates of Baht 202.79 million, increasing by Baht 133.61 million from last year.