Central Court Dismisses Two NT’s Claim for THB2,680 Million over 1800MHz Dispute

Reference is made to the legal disputes that the National Telecom Public Company Limited (NT) submitted to the Central Administrative Court in 2015 against the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission Office (the Office of NBTC) and Digital Phone Co., Ltd. (DPC), the subsidiary company of Advanced Info service PLC. (the Company). The disputes demand payment for the use of telecommunication equipment and network during the temporary customer protection period as announced by the NBTC after the end of the 1800MHz concession between DPC and CAT Telecom (or NT at present). 

A total of three disputes (the Black case No. 918/2558, 1651/2558, and 741/2559) were submitted by NT demanding the office of NBTC and DPC to pay for the use of telecommunication equipment and network between September 16, 2014 to November 25, 2015 in a total amount of 3,202 million Baht plus an interest rate of 7.5 per annum, detail of which as disclosed in notes to the Form 56-1 One Report. 

On 29 April 2022, the Central Administrative Court resolved to dismiss two disputes against DPC, Black case No.918/2558 and No. 1651/2558, resulting in DPC not being liable to pay the total claim of 2,680 million Baht. 

However, NT and the office of NBTC have the right to appeal to the Supreme Administrative Court within 30 days. Should there be any significant updates, the Company will inform accordingly.