U.S. Must be Strategic on Lifting Tariffs on China

The US must be “strategic” when it comes to a decision on whether to remove China tariffs, Trade Representative Katherine Tai said a day after President Joe Biden mentioned he would review Trump-era levies as consumer prices surge.

“With respect to the tariffs, our approach as with everything in this relationship, is to be strategic,” Tai said in an interview with Bloomberg Television on Tuesday. “We have to keep our eye on the ball in terms of how to effectively realign the US-China trade and economic relationship.”

Tai wouldn’t say whether the administration would remove the tariffs, or give a time frame for making a decision.

Biden Extends Yuan Rally With Talk of China Tariff Review

“All options are on the table in terms of how we address our short-term economic needs, but our eye must be on the ball with respect to the medium and long term needs for the United States to realign this economic and trade relationship,” she said.