Kaohoon’s Top News on May 24, 2022

Headline: RATCH to acquire BH upon completion of its capital increase program

Ratch Group Plc. (SET: RATCH) is expected to purchase a 9.04% share in Bumrungrad Hospital Plc. (SET: BH) upon completion of a THB25 billion registered capital increase program, according to a person close to the matter. It was announced earlier that BH’s largest stakeholder, Satit Viddayakorn, had sold to Kiatnakin Phatra 71 million of BH’s issued and paid-up shares, representing 9.04% of BH’s total share capital, in order to expand the hospital and health business. 


Headline: IAA anticipates continued foreign inflows into Thai equities

The Investment Analysts Association (IAA) anticipates continued foreign inflows of capital into Thai equities, with GFPT, CPF, KCE, BDMS, ADVANC, KBANK, M, BA, and TOP as possible top gainers. Meanwhile, FTSE announced the addition of Thai securities to its micro cap index, including BRI, CIVIL, HENG, PEACH, KTB, STMR, SVT, TKC, WFX, and TFM.


Headline: ORI sees solid performance in 2Q22, driven by a backlog of THB35 billion

Origin Property Plc. (SET: ORI) forecasts a solid performance in the second quarter of 2022, noting its THB35.8 billion backlog. The company targets sales growth to reach THB14 billion. Meanwhile, AP (Thailand) Plc. (SET: AP) reported THB13.5 billion in revenue from the sales of low-rise residential projects for the first four months of this year.


Headline: SAWAD and MTC are shaking as Government Savings Bank enters the market for land loans

Government Savings Bank announced the establishment of a subsidiary to provide land loans before expanding to the sale on consignment business with a low interest rate of 8%, compared to the average market rate of 40%. The brokerage forecasts the impact on Srisawad Corporation Plc. (SET: SAWAD)’s earnings will be 3%, while the impact on Muangthai Capital Plc. (SET: MTC)’s profit will be 1%.


Headline: GPSC expects strong 2Q22 earnings outlook from revenue recognition of Avaada solar farm

Global Power Synergy Plc. (SET: GPSC) predicts a strong 2Q22 earnings outlook due to the return to normal operation of the Glow Energy Phase 5 power plant and the profit recognition of the India-based Avaada solar farm. The subscription period for PTT Plc. (SET: PTT)’s 7-year debentures with an annual interest rate of 3.25 percent will open between May 24-26.