PTT Forms New Subsidiary to Conduct Business in AI, Robotics, and Digitalization

PTT Public Company Limited (SET: PTT) announced on Wednesday that its owned subsidiary Alpha Com Company Limited (Alpha Com) had completed the establishment of P-Dictor Company Limited (P-Dictor).

The Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of Alpha Com at the meeting on 10 May 2022 approved the establishment of P-Dictor with the registered capital of approximately THB54.5 million. 

The objective of the company establishment is to operate the predictive maintenance and machine monitoring artificial intelligence (AI) which help predicting the possibility of any mechanical failures on the critical machineries and equipment of the plants. Therefore, the production and maintenance could be properly planned and the risk of damage on operational production and product distribution would  be  reduced. The service will be provided to the industrial plants both within PTT group and external customers. 

The company’s establishment is in line with PTT’s New S-Curve investment strategy in AI, Robotics, and Digitalization.