BE8 Approves Dividend Payment of 0.23 Baht with XD Date on May 3

Mr. Apisek Tewinpagti, Chief Executive Officer of Beryl 8 Plus PCL or “BE8” announced at the company’s AGM on April 25, 2024, the approval of dividend payment at 0.23 baht per share. The dividend payment totaling 61 Million Baht is equivalent to 57% of the company’s 2023 net profit which is higher than the company’s dividend policy that stated dividend payment of not less than 40% of net profit.

The dividend distribution will be payable to shareholders entitled to receive the dividend in accordance with the company’s articles of association and listed on the record date on May 7, 2024. The dividend payment will be made on 23 May, 2024.

The announcement came after BE8 announced its 2023 net profit of 250 Million Baht, equivalent to net income of 0.92 Baht per share, an increase of 81% compared to previous year when the company achieved net profit of 139 Million Baht or net profit of 0.61 Baht per share.

Mr. Apisek added that the growth in net profit from the company and its subsidiaries resulted from the outstanding revenue growth to 2,409  Million Baht, an increase of 1,605 Million Baht or 199% growth from previous year. The revenue growth is driven by the high demand from customers in digital transformation services as the majority of organizations are continuously investing in new innovation to enhance its competitive advantages in the area of technology, digital marketing, and big data and analytics as well as cyber security. In addition, the company has also invested in 7 companies in order to build a Digital Transformation Ecosystem with comprehensive end-to-end Digital Transformation service to address all the demands of customers across segments and industries.