BANPU Invests THB5.3 Billion in the US Healthcare Fund

Banpu Public Company Limited (SET: BANPU) announced on Tuesday that its 100% subsidiary, Banpu Ventures PTE. LTD. has invested in the US healthcare industry through Public US based healthcare investment fund as a founding limited partner for USD150 million, equivalent to approximately THB5,298 million. 

This healthcare fund will focus on the medical care and wellness business in the USA including Biopharma R&D and production using innovative technology to develop personalized medical products and services that effectively suit each individual, based on their different health profile. This evolution of healthcare technology will be accelerating in response to future consumer needs to improve personal wellness and life longevity. BANPU considers the US Healthcare sector is an attractive market due to its large market size, high growth rate, continued innovation and development as well as potential to generate long-term attractive returns. 

This investment is part of BANPU’s portfolio evolution in exploring new robust growth opportunities for future portfolio diversification outside of the energy landscape, along with the acceleration of Energy business strategic development to create long-term sustainable attractive returns to the shareholders.