Betagro Holds Preliminary Meetings with Investors for Upcoming THB22bn IPO in September

Thailand’s leading integrated food company Betagro has started preliminary meetings with investors, aiming to raise US$500–$600 million (approx. THB18-22 billion) of funds through a domestic IPO in September-October as reported by Reuters, citing people with knowledge of the transaction.

According to the filing, the company plans to sell 500 million newly issued ordinary shares or 25% of its capital in which funding from the IPO will be used for business expansion and debt repayment.

Bualuang Securities and Kiatnakin Phatra are financial advisors for Betagro.


Betagro’s business starts with agro business ranging from animal feed products, animal health products to livestock including animal breeding and breed development as well as animal farms. The company also operates a food processing business including chicken meat, pork meat and egg products to move towards a vertically integrated food business.