EGCO Says Water Leakage at Hydro Project in Lao Is Common and No Impact on Construction

The Electricity Generating Public Company Limited (SET: EGCO) has announced that the leaking at “Nam Theun 1” Hydropower Project has no effect on the main construction and safety of the dam, saying it is a common phenomenon.

As a shareholder with 25% of shares in the project, EGCO published a statement to the Stock Exchange of Thailand regarding the leakage found at the “Nam Theun 1” Hydropower Project, Lao PDR, as reported on social media. During the construction of a roller-compacted concrete dam, water could be found leaking from the side walls’ rocky crevices. It is a common phenomenon when a dam starts reserving water. However, this incident has no effect on the main construction and safety of the dam. In this regard, the Nam  Theun 1 Power Plant and the Lao PDR government have collaborated to disseminate accurate information and assure the safety of people nearby.

In the statement, EGCO reassures that the “Nam Theun 1” Hydropower Project, with a contracted capacity of 644.30 megawatts, has been well designed and constructed, in accordance with engineering theory. Being constructed in compliance with international standards, the dam’s structure is sturdy and secure, and it is regularly inspected to ensure its security. Presently the Power Plant is preparing for test-run to be ready for commercial operation in August 2022.